Pegging – A Female Perspective

I have been asked by a number of people  for my perspective, as a female, on bending my boyfriend over and pegging him. The question from prospective peggers is ‘What do I get out of it?’ Is there physical pleasure for the woman, or is it all about domination and role-reversal? Also, the fear of ‘turning my boyfriend gay’ has been voiced.

Men of all sexual orientations may derive pleasure from having their prostate gland stimulated. The prostate is somewhere up their bum (as you can tell I’m no medical doctor) and stroking it can make him cum. Enjoying this doesn’t mean he is gay and it won’t turn him gay. If you like receiving anal sex because it feels good, it probably feels even better for him. That’s a good enough reason to try it at least once.

So, as the girl on top, what’s in it for me? Does pegging him make me cum?
Well, using a regular strap-on like the brilliant Red Rider, even though I love the excitement of being the dominant partner and making him climax through anal penetration, I don’t receive much direct genital stimulation from the dildo. But my hand is often positioned at the base of the dildo in an ideal position to masturbate myself. So I do, which works out very nicely for me, thankyou very much.

When I pegged him for the first time it made me extremely excited and wet, and after he came I climaxed very quickly myself from his, albeit slightly breathless, oral attentions. However simultaneous orgasms during penetration is the ideal for many couples including us. There are different ways aside from masturbation you may achieve this while pegging :

  • Use a harness with built in clitoral or vaginal stimulators. The Tantus Bend Over Beginners Kit has a little vibrator that fits in a pocket in front of your pussy. Great though the dildo is, it was hard to get the vibe positioned comfortably.
  • Try a strapless strap-on. We’ve used a couple of different ones, one of which was too heavy for me, so I had trouble keeping it in my pussy. We really like the Doc Johnson Platinum Gal Pal as it’s not so heavy, it tapers so it’s not too thick for him at first, and it’s not too cock-like.
  • Wear kegel love balls while pegging. This is my personal favorite. He got me these for Christmas and I totally love them. I put them in well before we start, to be honest if we were planning an evening pegging session I’d happily put them in before breakfast 😉 The thrusting motion of my hips while pegging him starts them rocking about inside me and I can feel the orgasm spiralling up. I have to be a bit careful with this as it can make me go slightly out of control which isn’t ideal for him, as having a wildly shaking woman attached to a dildo that’s up your bum can apparently be a little alarming.

On a practical note, being the top partner when pegging requires a little more care than being a male performing anal sex on a woman (or another man for that matter). The firmest erect cock has more ‘give’ to it than most dildoes and a dildo has no nerves to provide feedback or any idea of the pressure to the wearer, so shoving your strap-on in him and thrusting away obliviously like a baboon is a no-no. Use plenty of anal lube, go slow and listen to whatever verbal feedback he is emitting between the ‘Oh, God!’, ‘Oh, Christ!’ and other oaths that he will likely be uttering.

Just as a final thought here, it may be tempting to treat this as an ideal payback opportunity for any male misdemeanor he may have committed, e.g. not noticing you’ve had your hair done, or being apparently unable to hear you at all when football’s on TV. But even if you have his agreement to punish him for being a bad boy, try not to overdo it if you are planning to give your nice new strap-on dildo further outings, as he may not be keen in future.

So, slip in your love balls, strap on your dildo, lube it up and tell him to Bend Over Baby!