Pegging Around the Christmas Tree

It was the Christmas season. I had to work between Christmas and New Year which I hate to do as I love Christmas and like to make it a long break. The trains were running a reduced holiday service so it took me twice as long as usual to get back and it was cold and lashing with rain as I trudged down the lane to our cottage. My spirits were raised as I approached and a warm glow escaped through a crack in the living room curtains telling me Sophie had a fire going. I opened the door, took off my wet coat and muddy boots and walked into the living room.

She was lying on the rug in front of the fire wearing a tiny Santa Claus outfit that showed her stocking tops and suspenders. In her hand was a glass of steaming mulled wine, another stood on the low table beside her. “There you are darling, it looks horrid outside and I fancied something warm inside me… Would you care to indulge?” As she handed me my glass the tiny Santa outfit rode up to reveal that she was wearing no knickers. Not unusual for Sophie, but in the flickering firelight I spied a glisten from between her thighs and I suspected she may have been entertaining herself in anticipation of my arrival.

I sat down on the rug beside her and took a sip of the hot spicy wine. Sophie snuggled beside me into the crook of my arm and rested her hand on my thigh. The warmth of the wine seeped through me and I relaxed as she gently stroked at my leg with her fingertips. This comforting caress soon betrayed her lustful intentions as it took on an upward direction, coming to rest at the junction of my thighs where, in anticipation, my cock was doing a little throbbing dance inside my pants. I heard a low snigger escape from Sophie as she felt this activity but, wordless, her attentions became more focused there, her polished nails outlining the growing bulge in my jeans, scratching in long slow strokes at the fabric as my dick desperately strained to escape its denim prison.

Sophie’s other hand loosened my belt and with a tug pulled the buttons open. My cock had already sneaked out of the fly of my shorts and now made its bid for freedom, springing out into the flickering firelight, briefly free before being recaptured in Sophie’s red nailed grasp. A groan escaped my lips as she gripped me tightly and worked her delicate hand up and down the shaft.

She changed position slightly, moving downwards and I felt the tip of my cock being taken into her warm mouth, her tongue doing a butterfly dance around it as she continued stroking the shaft. She shifted onto her knees, reached up to my belt and pulled my jeans down, resuming her oral attention as they reached my ankles. She cupped my balls in her hand, squeezing them softly in time with the movement of her mouth as it slid up and down my prick until I knew I was close to completion.

Sensing this, she released me, taking a last lick as she would an ice-cream and reached down to pull my lower garments fully off. Parting my legs, she knelt between them, facing me her firm breasts jutting from the now gaping Santa costume and her fingers stroking her glistening pussy.

‘I’ve been trying out my Christmas prezzie, ’ she said. ‘I’ve had them in all day and they are just fucking brilliant – I’ve been on the edge of cumming for hour and I’m so juicy.’ To prove the point she sat back and parted her legs. In the dancing firelight, I could see a looped cord dangling from her glistening slit and I knew exactly which Christmas present she was talking about. The Ben Wa balls I had presented to her in an intimate and private Christmas morning ceremony before we went downstairs to open presents with Sophie’s parents.

Looking at me with a filthy light in her eyes Sophie pulled the cord and the Ben Wa balls popped out of her pussy. She dangled them in front of me, ‘Taste,’ she said and I willingly tongued her sweet juice from the warm balls.

‘Now,’ she said, ‘I have an extra Christmas present for you. Unfortunately I haven’t wrapped it and in fact I felt it best to test it it out myself, so it’s slightly used. Now, turn around so you don’t spoil the surprise.’

I turned to face the coffee table, slightly disappointed and my dick wilting at the interruption as I would prefer a blowjob to a Christmas present any day of the week. Sophie rustled around and came up behind me. ‘Happy Christmas darling,’ she said, wrapping her arms around me so her pert tits were pressed against my back and flourishing something in front of my face. It was a new dildo. A strapless, strap-on dildo.

‘This is where the evening really takes off! I’m going to fuck your arse until you beg for mercy!’ she gloated. ‘Bend over the table,‘ she commanded, as she swept magazines and papers to the floor. I obeyed, glancing round to see her ease the short end of the dildo into her cunt, her teeth nipping her lip with pleasure as it slipped in.

She approached me on her knees, the dildo standing proud between her thighs, and traced the crack of my arse with her fingers. I guessed from their warm slipperiness that she had stashed some lube close to the fire and had quietly applied it. One finger eased up my arse and stroked inside me as I groaned with pleasure, my hardon fully restored and twitching. A second finger swiftly joined the first and moved more urgently within me. After a moment of fingering me she withdrew them and I heard a slurp as she applied lube to the dildo. ‘Here it comes bitch, you’d better pray because I’m in the mood to fuck you to death.’ The head of the dildo nudged my rim, and as she eased her hips forward, it slipped into me. Even after having been pegged many times, that initial feeling of the dildo inside me always makes me gasp and hyperventilate. Sophie paused to let me acclimatise to the circumstances and then she reached around to my cock, her hand slick with lubricant, and slowly stroked it.

As my breathing eased, she began thrusting into me, deeper with each stroke, her slippery hand wanking me in time with the movement of her hips. The sensation was kind of exquisitely shocking, the fact that my arse was full of the biggest dildo I’d ever taken was making me gasp but the sheer pleasure of the sensation of it massaging me inside more than made up for the shock.

Sophie was up to speed now and abandoning the wanking, she grasped my hips, pulling me towards her and thrust ever deeper into me until I could feel her body slamming against me and I knew I had it all inside me.

The advantage of a strapless strap on was more than being free of straps and I could hear Sophie’s sounds of pleasure as it massaged her clit and G-spot while she rocked and thrusted. ‘Oh, fuck me!’ she gasped, ‘We should’ve got one of these sooner! You’re not getting all the fun from now on!’

She momentarily paused and I glanced over my shoulder with a slight trepidation to see what was about to happen. Fortunately she was taking care of her own needs rather than preparing to abuse me in some new way and was squeezing lubricant onto a large butt plug. She winked at me and reached behind herself with it, pushing it straight into her bum on the outstroke of the strap on. Now as she serviced me she was caught up in her own world of full on anal pleasure and her movements became increasingly ragged and twitchy as she reached her climax.

She gasped and fell forward onto me trembling as she came, pushing the full length of the strap-on into me as she did so. After some seconds of laying draped across my back, panting and trembling as her orgasm receded, she knelt back up, pulling the dildo out of my arse and the other end out of her quim. ‘Right,’ she breathed huskily, as she brandished it at me, ‘Turn over, I’m going to suck the fuck out of you.’ Not needing to be asked twice when a cocksucking is on offer, I hurriedly flipped over onto my back. Good to her word, Sophie launched an all out oral assault on my cock, wanking me vigorously as she did so.

She was going for a high suction approach and I knew her hand must be a blur of motion from the speed she was jerking me. I began to thrust my hips as my own climax built and Sophie took a brief time-out to hiss, ‘Tell, me…’ I nodded acknowledgement and within seconds I was there. ‘Now! Now!’ I gasped. And, as I said it, she pushed the dildo straight back up my arse. I exploded in the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. It was an almost a spiritual climax, all my senses were at 200%. The piney scent of the Christmas tree, cinnamon candles, the twinkling lights and the crackling of the fire all more vivid than ever before, yet still outstripped by the rushing release in my loins as she sucked the seed from me.

When she was sure I had finished and she wouldn’t miss a drop, Sophie sat up and pulled the dildo from my backside. As I looked at her with half-open eyes, she smirked and delicately corralled a stray droplet of spunk from her chin into her mouth with her finger. ‘Merry Christmas darling,’ she said, then pausing for a second, she added ‘And a strappy New Year’.