First Time Pegging

It was my birthday. Sophie traditionally gives me a hot no holds barred time in the bedroom as an extra present. So, as I lay naked and handcuffed to the bedstead, I was in a state of high anticipation, which was apparent to the smirking Sophie due to my throbbing stiffy. She had stripped down to a basque and black hold ups, heavy slutty make-up. No knickers. As she is well aware this look does it it for me and she made the most of it, kneeling on the bed stroking my thighs and lower stomach but stopping before she reached my cock. “What’s the matter? Why’s it twitching like that?” she asked, “Does it want me to touch it?”
“Yes, I think it does”, I replied, on behalf of my cock.
“Well, I’m in charge here, and you are my bitch, so I’ll touch it whenever the fuck I want to and not before. OK? Or shall I get the riding crop and give it a flick to calm it down a bit. Does that sound like a good idea?” Sophie was in domination mode and was revelling in it.
“Answer me, shall I whip your dick to calm it down, bitch boy?”

“No, Sophie, I’d rather not.”
“Well, since it’s your birthday, I’ll let it slide… Speaking of sliding, my pussy is soooo wet, do you want to see?”.
This was clearly a rhetorical question because she promptly straddled me and presented her pussy for inspection, inches from my face. She had trimmed herself more than usual and I could see she wasn’t fibbing. She was glistening with juice.
And then Sophie started the birthday show in earnest. She stroked her pussy with one hand and ran the other across her boobs, snaking down to join the other between her thighs as she gyrated astride me. She spread her lips and slipped two fingers in between, sliding them back and forth over her clit and then inside. My eyes were on stalks as I took all this in, my dick jerking and doing a dance all on its own. Sophie swapped hands and pushed her wet fingers into my mouth, her juices tasted sweet and creamy on my tongue as she continued frigging herself with her other hand.
“That’s enough of that” she said, took her fingers from my mouth and moved backwards down my body. Still stroking herself she came to rest over my cock and settled down on it, so it was sandwiched flat between my stomach and her hot moist fanny. She slid back and forth along my length, all the time holding my gaze with a kind of amused challenge in her own eyes.
When I was soaked in her juices she raised herself back up on her knees, keeping just out of reach of my wet cock as my hips desperately followed her.
“What do you think you’re doing, bitch boy?, she said.
“You’re not getting any of that until I say so.” and she reached down to my balls behind her and gave the skin a sharp pinch with her nails. This was intended as chastisement but I nearly came at the sudden sharp sensation.
“Oh, you like that do you?”, she teased. “How about this…”, as she cupped her bum cheeks and spread them, position the rim of her arse against the tip of my slippery and throbbing dick. She put a little weight down on it, “Do you want it in my arse? I bet you do. You like fucking my bum don’t you, you dirty arse-fucker.” I couldn’t disagree with Sophie’s assessment but couldn’t get any words out if I wanted to. A kind of desperate grunt was all that I could utter. She stayed in position working the shiny tip of my prick against her hot rim as she played casually with her swollen clit.
When she judged, correctly, I was nearing the point of no return, she leaned forward and kissed me hard, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth, darting around like a small bird trapped in a room.
She then abruptly hopped off me and right off the bed, leaving me squirming and feeling slightly vulnerable as she briefly stood regarding me, apparently pondering her next move. Fuck, she looked sexy, all curvy and gorgeous. I didn’t care what the next move was to be, I just wanted it. Sophie picked up a bottle from the dressing table, placed it on the bed, took hold of my ankles and crossed them hard, forcing me to flip onto my front. I knew that bottle contained massage oil, so I knew what was coming next, or at least I thought I did until I felt ankle-cuffs being tightened on me. Those were new. This was an interesting new twist to our usual games.
With a jerk my legs were pulled apart as Sophie tightened the ankle-cuffs, pulling me downward so my arms were stretched out and I was pulled down onto the bed.
Sophie was now out of sight at the bottom of the bed doing something, I could hear snaps and the sound of straps being adjusted. I guessed, wrongly as it turned out, that she was adjusting the restraints. She climbed back onto me, knelt astride my knees and squirted freezing cold massage oil on my back and legs. I gasped in shock. “Oh I am so sorry,” she said in a voice that was anything but sorry, “I’ve had the oil in the fridge all day. Did it feel like a snowman just spunked up your back?”, she sniggered, “Let me make up to you.”
She started rubbing the oil into me and as she worked it in she leaned over me and gently bit my ears and neck, I could feel her warm naked tits brushing my back and realised she had stripped her basque off while out of sight at the end of the bed. My cock was now regaining some life following the icy shock and it throbbed contentedly beneath me. Sophie worked oil up my legs and between my thighs, taking my balls in one hand and rhythmically squeezed them as she stroked oil into my buttocks.
Letting go of my balls she applied both hands to my bum, working her thumbs on the muscles and gradually parting my cheeks like she was splitting an orange. I could feel her thumbs approaching my arsehole and was expecting them to move on and away. But they didn’t. One of them began to trace round my rim, “Do you like me touching you there?”, Sophie queried in that teasing voice, then without waiting for a reply she slipped the oiled thumb into my arse.
“How about that, bitch boy, do you like me poking my thumb up your arse? Does it feel nice?” It did indeed feel very nice as she moved it inside me and then replaced it with what felt like several fingers. She continued working my arse until her fingers met less resistance, then withdrew them slowly and I felt something else being eased into me in their place. Something thicker and longer.
“Oh fuck me! What the fuck is that?” I gasped.
“It’s called a ‘Slim Anal Dildo’,” Sophie replied. “It doesn’t feel all that slim does it? Now imagine how full I feel when you’re fucking my arse with your thick dick.” She reached under me for my ‘thick dick’ as she moved the dildo in my arse and started wanking me. “Don’t you dare come until I tell you. Do you understand? Say ‘Yes, Mistress Sophie'”
“Yes, Mistress Sophie!”, I replied. But I wasn’t sure I could keep to this agreement as I was already teetering on the edge.
While Sophie had been massaging me I had felt something touching me that didn’t quite feel like part of her. Now I found out what it was. She moved up my body so she was astride the top of my legs and started pulling the slim dildo all the way out of my arse and pushing it all the way in. Then after one out stroke she shifted position and nudged something else against my open rim, maintaining the pressure until it popped into me. OH FUCK! She was wearing a strap-on!
As she worked the strap-on dildo slowly into me with short strokes my breaths came in shallow gasps. “You’ve wanted this for a long time haven’t you? You’ve dreamed about having your arse pegged like a filthy slut,” she demanded, punctuating her words with thrusts of the dildo. She was right, I had fantasised about being pegged and we had joked about it while watching a porn movie where a bloke was pegged by a very shapely woman who looked not unlike Sophie. “You were too chicken to ask for it properly, so I’m giving it to you for your birthday.
“Happy Birthday bitch boy!”, she whispered into my ear, as she thrust the full length of the dildo in and out of my arse. “Come now!”, she demanded as she pulled all the way out and slammed back into me. I was only too happy to oblige and the spunk gushed from me as she rode my arse hard. The feeling was unlike any orgasm I’d ever had before, seeming to suddenly appear deep inside me instead of being focused on my cock, which jerked and twitched nonetheless.
As Sophie slowed down, pulled out of me and dismounted I lay trembling and panting. She stood by the side of the bed looking down at me, naked but for her stockings and a pink dildo strapped to her curvy hips. Her cheeks were flushed as she bent down and kissed me. “I’m not done with you yet,” she said. “You’ve had yours, now I’m going to let you loose and you’re going to lick my pussy until I’m done. Say ‘Yes, Mistress Sophie’.”
“Yes, Mistress Sophie,” I said.